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    Free Spirit is honored to offer an LGBTQ+ Pride Toolkit with resources designed to promote education and empathy around the queer student experience.



    14 Warning Signs of Bullying

    Spot the warning signs of bullying with this easy-to-use guide. 

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    Challenging Stereotypes Activity

    Encourage students to reflect on gender norms with this fun and thought-provoking activity.

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    Pronouns Guide

    Learn about the importance of respecting people’s pronouns and how to teach children to do the same.

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    Pronoun Nametags

    Invite students to learn and respect their classmates’ pronouns with this simple activity.

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    How to Start a Gay-Straight Alliance

    Create a welcoming environment at school with these tips for establishing a student-led Gay-Straight Alliance.

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    12 Ways to Make Your Classroom Safe for LGBTQ+ Students

    Discover 12 ways to help LGBTQ+ students feel welcome in your class.

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    Exploring Pronouns for Kids with Respect and Support

    Get tips for giving kids space to explore gender and pronouns with confidence.

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    5 Ways to Show LGBTQ+ Kids Love and Respect

    Explore 5 ways to support queer students, especially those who are facing mental health challenges. 

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    The One Thing Queer Kids–And All of Us–Need Most

    Learn to address this universal need to nurture happy, healthy kids of all identities.

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    Consent Is a Social-Emotional Skill - Building a Culture of Consent in Your School

    Watch this on-demand webinar to receive actionable strategies to create an atmosphere in which all children feel safe and empowered.

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