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    Free Download: Rings of Culture Diagram

    Grades K–12

    The Rings of Culture are the layered identities or cultures that make up who we are. As part of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive teaching and learning (CLR), the rings account for the multiple, overlapping identities within students and help responsive educators consider and distinguish among myriad cultures in diverse classrooms, regardless of race. 


    Dr. Sharroky Hollie’s Rings of Culture include:

    • age
    • orientation
    • nationality
    • socio-economic status
    • religion
    • gender
    • ethnicity

    This graphic organizer will help educators identify the Rings of Culture in themselves and students. It can be used as a professional resource or a classroom activity to allow students to broadly discuss their cultural differences and similarities. For each ring on this printable resource, provide a behavior or attribute solely linked to that identity.

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